GB 30

For filling and leveling of floors before fixing tiles.


Ready mortar based on Portland grey cement, white marble aggregates and special additives to improve adhesion to difficult surfaces and improve its flow properties.  It does not contain lime. Simply mix with water. It minimizes material preparation time and increases the speed of application.


Use for filling, leveling and sloping of floors, to create a final surface suitable for fixing ceramic tiles, marbles or granites. You can  use it indoors or outdoors (balconies, roofs, flat-roofs, etc.). Also for  underfloor heating systems. It does not crack. It does not affect pipes. Recommended application thickness:  3 to 15 cm


  • High strength
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Moisture- and frost-proof
  • Prevents cracking
  • Excellent final surface
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent workability
  • Fast to prepare
  • Stable quality

Application Mode

  • Make sure that the surface is  clean, stable, free  of  dust, grease  etc.
  • It is recommended to wet the surface before the application
  • Mix by means of a cement mixer or the special machines supplied by MARMOLINE, with the necessary quantity of water, until a homogeneous, lump-free mixture is obtained.
  • The quantity of water added corresponds to the desirable fluidity. It is recommended to add 5 -5.5 kg of water in a 40 kg bag
  • For  making inclinations, reduce the  quantity of water
  • Spread the mortar on each room separately, by placing wooden laths at the doors, with 1 cm thickness. Then  remove  the laths and do not  fill the joints left. It is recommended to create expansion joints per 20 m² of surface during the application of the cement screed  
  • Step on the floor after at least 12 hours and fix tiles or marbles after 48 hours, depending on the prevailing weather conditions
  • The recommended final thickness should be between 3 to 15 cm.
  • Application temperature +5°C  to +35°C
  • Mixing water: 5 - 5.5 lt of water /bag of 40 kg


European standard ΕΝ 13813  (CT-C12-F4)

  • Grading :   3 mm 
  • Apparent density of dry powder:  1650 Kg/m³
  • Specific gravity of wet mortar:  2000 Kg/m³
  • Compressive strength in 28 days:  > 12.0 MPa   (Category C12) (ΕΝ 13892-2)
  • Flexural strength in 28 days:   > 4.0 MPa   (Category F4)  (ΕΝ 13892-2)



  • Bags of 40 kg.
  • Palette of 1400 kg, 35 paper bags of 40 kg.
  • Big bags of 1000 kg
  • In bulk in a silo with capacity of 12 - 18 - 22 m³


12 months from the date of production in unopened package, in a dry place.


16 - 17 kg per m²   for 1 cm of thickness
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