Thermal insulation, waterproofing, soundproofing


MARMOLINE MONOSIS is a complete certified external insulation system,  for  old and new  buildings, that has a greek origin.  In many areas of Greece, the annual difference in temperature (min - max) on the exterior surface of the walls, is more than 60°C, therefore  it is necessary to use durable building materials with good performance in such a temperature range.  MARMOLINE MONOSIS responds in an excellent way to demanding weather conditions, namely cold in winter and heat in summer.


  • Old buildings:  Buildings without thermal insulation, therefore with significantly increased cost of heating and cooling.
  • New buildings:  Buildings where, although there is provision for frame and wall insulation, this type of insulation is not functional, thus resulting to considerable loss and condensation of steam on the interior surface of the walls.


  • Provides excellent thermal comfort inside the building.
  • No thermal bridges are created on the beams, pillars, wall ties and floors, at the points where masonry is in contact with these elements, even if they have thermal insulation. Thus the possible appearance of humidity and water vapour is eliminated.
  • Protects the surfaces of walls from moisture
  • Promotes energy saving because it prevents the creation of surfaces with thermal capacity on the exterior surface of walls, thus using the thermal capacity of walls only inside the building
  • In a new house, it increases the size of functional areas by approximately 6 sq.m. for every hundred sq.m. of a house’s total area.
  • Greatly increases the service life of the building as it provides protection from corrosion and frost heaves.
  • The application of the system is less annoying than conventional renders, because it is applied with trowels as they are highly thixotropic. As a result, they do not create any rubble other than the residues of thermal insulation material.
  • The system’s quality of construction is very high, as special certified additional pieces are used, like  corner  protectors, water collectors, and reinforcing fiberglass mesh all over the application surface of the coating.
  • The building is highly graduated in terms of energy saving rating
  • Such a system has 4 - 6 years average depreciation period solely from energy saving.
  • Energy saving (35% to 65% of heating oil expenses).
  • Excellent, hygienic, qualitative thermal environment inside buildings. 
  • Easy to apply on both new and old buildings.
  • Ideal solution for the renovation of old buildings.
  • High quality of construction for all kinds of buildings (detached houses - residential buildings - industrial buildings).
  • Improves soundproofing with the use of special materials.
  • Reduced cost of construction.
  • Better structural stability of interior walls (single brickwork with large brick).
  • Reduced load on the building.
  • High speed of construction.
  • Simple to apply.
  • Clean work area during construction.

Application Mode

  • Prepare and check the brickwork and concrete. Fix the basic-support corner bead for the insulation boards.
  • Apply a 5 cm strip of the MARMOLINE - FK 201 using an automatic pump, supplied by MARMOLINE, or by hand along the length of the perimeter of the insulation board surface, and at least 3 stamps on the inside. This way, the irregularities of the substrates are smoothed out and at least 40% of the board surface touches the substrate.
  • The technician should attach weights horizontally and vertically to enable the smooth and rapid continuation of the work.
  • To fix the insulation boards, press from the bottom to the top and between them. The boards must cross each other by 40%-50%. If there are gaps between the boards, then these should be filled with special polyurethane foam. For additional support, it is recommended to use the special anchors, supplied by MARMOLINE, to be placed after the  adhesive  has hardened (6 pieces / m²).
  • Fix a proper reinforcing fibreglass mesh 160 gr /m², after applying a first coat of adhesive all over the board surface. Then, press each sheet of the mesh on the wet adhesive, making sure that there is a 10 cm overlay between each sheet without any creases. Then, apply a second coat of adhesive to fully cover the fibreglass mesh.
  • While fixing the fibreglass mesh, attach the special corner beads with the plastic mesh, supplied by MARMOLINE, on the corners of frames (doors - windows). Fix a mesh diagonally for extra support on the corners of windows and doors. If needed, apply and fix the special water collectors on horizontal edges.
  • Apply the MST 11 acrylic preparation primer.
  • Apply the MARMOLINE SVR coloured dispersion plaster after at least 15 days of applying the adhesive - fibreglass mesh - adhesive system. Apply the plaster uniformly all over the surface using a flat trowel. Use a special float or trowel to put the finishing touch on the surface, depending on the desired result. Complete the work on the surfaces in order to avoid discontinuities.


Alternatively,  instead of FK 202,    you can  use the acrylic paste FK 202 ORGANIC.

Instead of  SVR,  you can  use  the silicone plaster SVR SILICONE.


Certified external thermal insulation composite system MARMOLINE  MONOSIS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEMS - ETICS.  

The system  has received  technical assessments by the notified body TZUS (Technical and Test Institute for Construction - Prague  -,  member  of  EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Assessment)   under the European Directive  ETAG 004 (Guideline for European technical approval of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with rendering):

ETA 17/0100, using EPS expanded polystyrene insulation boards

ΕΤΑ 14/0214,  using XPS extruded polystyrene insulation boards

ΕΤΑ 14/0213,  using MW mineral wool insulation boards

By using the cementitious adhesives/renders FK 201 - FK 202  and EPS-XPS insulation boards,  the ETICS system has a reaction to fire  class B-s1, d0, while with MW boards the reaction to fire class  is A2-s1, d0  (EN 13501-1).

Within the requirements of the System's CE Marking, the company is periodically and systematically audited by the notified and independent organisation TUV HELLAS, which confirms and certifies the constancy of the performance of MARMOLINE MONOSIS system  (relative cert No 0654-CPR-0133).

MARMOLINE recommends the use of the individual materials (insulation boards, meshes, anchors)  stated in the System's Declaration of  Performance, for the application of the MARMOLINE MONOSIS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEMS ETICS. In any other case, the company is not liable for any issues related to lowered performance or inadequate compatibility of materials.


Summary of the individual components of the system:


Thermal insulation boards adhesive MARMOLINE FK 201:

Consumption: For a surface of 1m², 4 -7kg of mortar are required, depending on the application method and substrate type.

  • Color: Grey
  • Bond strength on concrete > 0.25 MPa.
  • Bond strength on the insulation material > 0.08 MPa 
  • Compression strength : 20 MPa.
  • Flexural strength: 5 MPa.

For more information, visit product's page.

Thermal insulation boards:

  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) simple and graphite boards, with a thickness of up to 100mm.
  • Extruded polystyrene boards (XPS) with a thickness of 40 – 300mm.
  • Mineral wool (MW) boards, with a thickness of 50 - 200 mm.

For the application of MARMOLINE MONOSIS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEMS ETICS, the company MARMOLINE distributes thermal insulaton boards, of  proper specifications/certifications, based on the System's  ETAs.

Storage: Keep in a dry, humidity-free place away from the sun.

Plastic anchors  (pins) for the fixing of thermal  insulation boards:

Plastic anchors (pins) meeting the requirements of  ETAG 014 and bearing the required certifications.  Anchors can either be fully plastic, or consist of a plastic head and a metal pin.

Consumption: 6 - 8 nails/m².

Fiber reinforced coating MARMOLINE FK 202:

Consumption: 4 - 4.5 kg of dry mortar per m² reinforced with the addition of  a fiberglass mesh  on polystyrene or mineral wool boards.

  • Colour: White
  • Bond strength on the insulation material > 0.08 MPa (for EPS, XPS)  & >0.01MPa  (for MW - cohesive failure in the insulation board)
  • Compression strength : 20 MPa.
  • Flexural strength: 6 MPa.

For more information, visit product's page.

Fiber reinforced coating in paste form  MARMOLINE FK 202 Organic:

Consumption: Approx. 3kg / m² reinforced with the addition of  a fiberglass mesh  on polystyrene or mineral wool boards.

  • Colour: White
  • Bond strength on the insulation material > 0.08 MPa (for EPS, XPS)  & > 0.008 MPa  (for MW - cohesive failure in the insulation board)
  • Density : 1650 – 1850 Kg/m³

For more information, visit product's page.

Fiberglass mesh for insulating materials:

Special glass fiber meshes in accordance with ETAG 004, alkaline resistant, weighting approximately 160gr/m² and with a raster of approximately 4x4 mm, to be used in combination with MARMOLINE FK 202 or FK 202 Organic

All recommended fiberglass meshes meet the appropriate standards and are properly certified


Special acrylic water-based primer, consumption ca.1 kg per 10 m²

For more information, visit product's page.

MARMOLINE SVR, coloured dispersion plaster in the form of a paste:

  • Granulometry: SVR 1mm, SVR 1.5 mm, SVR 2 mm, SVR 3 mm
  • Reaction to fire: A2-s2,d0  (EN 13501-1)
  • Specific weight of wet mortar: SVR 1mm: 1700 - 2000 Kg/m³ , SVR 1.5 mm: 1850 - 2150 Kg/m³,  SVR 2 mm: 2100 - 2500 Kg/m³ , SVR 3 mm: 2300 - 2900 Kg/m³
  • Consumption: SVR 1 mm (1.8 - 2.0 kg/m²),  SVR 1.5 mm (2.0 - 2.3 kg/m²),  SVR 2 mm (2.5 - 3.0 kg/m²),  SVR 3 mm (3.0 - 3.5 kg/m²)

For more information, visit product's page.

MARMOLINE SVR Silicone, coloured silicone dispersion plaster in the form of a paste:

  • Granulometry:  1.5 mm
  • Reaction to fire: A2-s2, d0  (EN 13501-1)
  • Specific weight of wet mortar: 1850 - 2150 Kg/m³.
  • Consumption: 2.0 - 2.3 kg/m²

For more information, visit product's page.

Other components necessary  for  System's  installation,  such as corner beads, brackets, etc, are  supplied  by  marmoline




For individual components, see references in the preceding paragraph.





The "ΕΤΑ"  and the  "certificate of Constancy of Performance" are presented here.

The "Declaration of Performance"  of MARMOLINE MONOSIS  systems,  is available under request

It is pointed out that since 29/10/2020  the directive ETAG 004 for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) has been substituted by EAD 040083-00-0404. However, the previously issued ETAs remain in force, as the essential requirements have not changed.

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