Indoor Air Comfort

SV 1


High strength spatter dash coat. It is used as a first coat (thrown or splashed) in all rendering techniques and methods, to improve the adhesion of the plaster that will follow. It is applied with a plastering machine or a trowel. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. With Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort certification that ensures that SV 1 complies with the strictest European regulations on VOC emissions.


  • Bags of 40 kg
  • Big -bags of 1000 kg
  • In bulk in a silo with a capacity of 12 – 18 – 22 m³




Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Application Tools

Trowel, special mixer machine M-TEC


Approx. 6 – 8 kg of mortar per m² for a layer with 0.5 cm thickness

Specific Weight of Fresh Mortar

1980 kg/m³

Water Demand

6 – 7 lt/40 kg

Download the relevant technical files:


Use it as a first coat plaster (spattered) in all rendering techniques and methods, in order to prepare the substrate for the application of the next coats of renders.
Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. Apply it on bricks, cement blocks, aerated concrete blocks, concrete surfaces (pillars – ceilings – beams, etc.), stones, thermal insulation boards, and other materials. In cases of very difficult surfaces, such as fair-face concrete, it is required to add the MARMOLINE MP 20 acrylic dispersion.


  • High strength
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Moisture- and frost-proof
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent workability
  • Fast to prepare
  • Stable quality
  • It has INDOOR AIR COMFORT GOLD certification that ensures that SV1 complies with the strictest European regulations regarding VOC emissions and is suitable for the internationally recognized certification systems of Green Buildings (LEED. BREAM etc) which:
    • Focus on recycled materials use in the final composition and products packaging with solvent-free raw materials.
    • Improve indoor air quality with very low volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • Check and prepare the application surface. Make sure that the surface is clean and saturate it with water.
  • For better results in the subsequent coats of plaster, it is recommended to apply MARMOLINE metal guides and corner beads.
  • Mix by hand or using special machines (mixers – pumps) supplied by MARMOLINE, which make work simpler and faster
  • Add water, depending on the desirable fluidity of the mix.
  • For even better adhesion on difficult surfaces, MARMOLINE MP 20 acrylic dispersion can be added to the water, in a ratio 1:3 (MP20:water).
  • Apply the mix evenly on the surface, using a trowel or a machine, at a thickness up to 1 cm.
  • Saturate the surface at the same day and repeat it periodically for the next 2 – 3 days, depending on weather and temperatures.
  • Mixing ratio: 6 – 7 lt of water /bag of 40 kg.