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Certified External Thermal Insulation System 

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Marmoline Monosis MW

Μineral wool is a natural non-combustible thermal insulation material, derived from the fibrosis of natural rocks, as it belongs to the inorganic fibrous materials. Its properties are kept constant and unchanged throughout its life cycle, as long as the protection of the material from moisture is effectively ensured. It also achieves the absorption of external sound, satisfying the requirements of the Soundproofing Regulation.

Mineral wool, in comparison with other foam insulation products, is a fireproof thermal insulation material, which remains constant even at 750οC. Thus its application in the external thermal insulation of buildings, meets the requirements of the Fire Protection Regulation and offers energy upgrades without degrading their safety to case of fire.

Why does the

Marmoline Monosis MW

stand out?

  • Excellent fire protection
  • High sound insulation
  • Ensure high perspiration of the wall
  • Excellent bioclimatic comfort
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