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Certified External Thermal Insulation System 

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Marmoline Monosis ΧΡS

Extruded polystyrene (XPS – Extruded polystyrene) is a lightweight, heat-insulating material produced by the extrusion method and has insulating properties due to gas trapping in a high percentage of closed cells. It has very high mechanical strengths and therefore high load-bearing capacity which is particularly important on roofs, building floors, floors of industrial facilities, etc.
Its main feature is the closed pores and the lack of water absorption, which makes the extruded polystyrene suitable for applications in high humidity. It also does not weaken over time, has a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity (λD) than expanded polystyrene but contains chlorofluorocarbons which is a greenhouse gas.

Why does the

Marmoline Monosis ΧΡS

stand out?

  • It is not absorbent in water-vapor diffusion
  • They are rigid with high compressive strength
  • Low and stable coefficient of thermal permeability (λD)
  • They have excellent adhesion to concrete and mortars as they can be produced on a relief, rhombic surface.
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