How to renew / paint the railings of my balcony.


The exterior of our house is important for the first impression. And some parts of it, we and our family visit for long periods during the year, such as our terrace or our balcony during the summer months. A bad condition of discoloration, damage and rust on the railings of the balcony, not only spoils our aesthetics but is also is a potential source of problems for the building and its safety.


The solution

The care and protection of metal surfaces, indoor and outdoor, can be achieved quickly, simply and easily with the products of MARMOLINE, RUST OFF and METALWOOD. See how:

Get the necessary materials and tools.

Get a brush, a small roller and a tray, sandpaper, scraper, thinner, wavy paper and start the preparation.

Preparation of the space.

Apply paper tape to the joints of the railings with the other surfaces (skirting board, plaster, marble). Lay corrugated paper, tarpaulin or nylon.

Surface preparation

Prepare the application surface so that it is dry and clean, free of dust, oil etc. If there are old or dried paint or rust marks on all or part of the surface, use sandpaper or emery paper or a wire brush or scraper to remove them depending on the depth of wear. Wipe well with a soft cloth to remove any dust or rust.

MARMOLINE RUST OFF anti-corrosion protection application

Before the final painting of the surface, select the fast-drying anti-rust primer high strength, MARMOLINE RUST OFF for metal surfaces. Contains synthetic resins for excellent adhesion. Mix the product well and dilute it 3% with white spirit or brush thinner.
Apply the product paying special attention to difficult points (corners, recesses, etc.). Use at temperatures below 5 ° C and above 40 ° C is not recommended.
Remove excess product from tools before cleaning with solvent. Apply the varnish, after the surface is completely dry, 4-8 hours after application.

Application of MARMOLINE METALWOOD varnish

Choose the high quality varnish with anti-rust properties, MARMOLINE METALWOOD. It is ideal for all metal and wooden surfaces, such as railings, doors, windows, bodies, furniture, etc., outdoors and indoors. Offers unique resistance to washing and yellowing, giving a flawless end result. Has perfect adhesion, characterized by unique resistance to shocks and stables its original shade and gloss.
Mix the product well and dilute it 10% with white spirit or brush thinner.
Complete drying of the surface will occur 4-8 hours after application. After that, proceed to the 2nd hand of the application.

Final surface

The terrace railings have regained their original colour, and have been reinforced with a barrier to protection against time, wear and weather.


  • During the application, the application is not recommended when intense weather conditions of heat, humidity, rain, air are observed (to avoid any adhesion of dust to the fresh paint)
  • If for any reason you delay painting after preparation, repeat the cleaning process to ensure that dust and dirt have not settled on the surface to be painted.

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