Marmoline Headquarters


Quality, Reliability and Durability in Building Materials

In 1998 we created the mortar plant in Dionyssos, Greece. Dionyssos marble dust, a distinctive raw material in most of our products up to today, was a powerful trigger to create the ready-to-use mortar product line with an emphasis on ready-to-use plasters and adhesives.

During these 20 years, we have expanded our production facilities in Malakasa, Greece, doubled our number of employees, invested in their continuous education and knowledge, listened to our customers and renewed our brand and corporate identity.

We created the base to enrich our product range, focusing on the renovation, decoration and insulation of the building. At the same time, we managed to improve and update our established products (ready mortars, plasters and adhesives).

We constantly focus on building loyal, long-lasting relationships with our customers and installers, working on both aſter sales services of our products, as well as the proper training of the installers and engineers through seminars and workshops.

All of this is supported by a strong technical solutions department, to ensure that our customers are offered high-quality products that cover their demands both short term and long term.

MARMOLINE’s traditional product line. Our quest for excellence never stops

Today in MARMOLINE we keep on producing Advanced Building Materials, staying true to our vision to:

• Contribute to the upgrade of building projects, keeping up with the modern social needs for energy efficiency and protection of the environment.

• Remain by the side of those who need proper support in all kinds of masonry, maintenance, renovation and decoration projects.

• Satisfy people’s need for comfortable, relaxed, care-free living in their houses

Industrial specialization

Modern production plants, excellent raw materials and ISO 9001 certified Quality Management ensure high quality products which meet E.C. Standards and are in compliance with the National Specifications of the countries we distribute our products.

We place particular emphasis in delivering applicator friendly and final user safe products for building kind to the environment residential and commercial constructions.

Our people

Over the last 10 years, we have doubled our human resources. Our people are distinguished for their excellent scientific and professional training. Our priority is both the continuous training of our scientific staff in order to be constantly at the cutting edge of knowledge and technology, as well as the development of the skills of our workforce. We invest in knowledge management, the dissemination and continuous flow of knowledge between different departments and different people, aiming at exploiting it both today and tomorrow. What unites us the most in NORDIA S.A., is the passion for advanced building materials, the perfect final result and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our environmental commitment

Each product is designed and produced according to the following principles:

• Raw material saving and recycling.

• Energy saving.

• Zero environmental pollution.

• Clean and tidy building site