Vision- Values

ΝORDIA S.A. has vast experience and expertise in the building materials industry.  

It focuses on industrialized quality production of mortars, thermal insulation systems and other building materials.

It is also active in the extraction of decorative rocks and aggregates.

Our goal is to fully meet the needs of the construction, renovation, maintenance and renewal.

Today, under its basic brand "MARMOLINE", as well  as  other brands, NORDIA S.A. produces advanced building materials that contribute to the upgrading of building works, following the contemporary social needs for energy efficiency and environmental protection 


Our vision:

With a portfolio of new certified products, ΜARMOLINE aims to confront two current challenges:

  • Support the need of society for maximum energy efficiency and environmental protection
  • Satisfy the need of all people for comfortable, relaxed, care-free living in their homes.














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