June 24, 2022

New look in the buildings of Athens with the Program PROSOPSIS & MARMOLINE products

The citizens of Athens have the opportunity to upgrade their building’s façade through the PROSOPSIS Program. This program is implemented by the Municipality of Athens and the Technical Chamber of Greece and has as objectives:

– The aesthetic upgrade of the Municipality of Athens buildings

– The repair and restoration of facades damages

– The overall movement of aesthetic upgrade of Athens

All private buildings of the Municipality of Athens can participate in this program. The subsidy rate is set at 100% of the maximum labor costs, while the maximum amount of the subsidy is € 6,000 per building.

MARMOLINE is the ideal choice for the implementation of the program for the buildings of the Municipality of Athens, as through its rich range of plasters, repair mortars, paints and coatings, it will contribute substantially to the creation of elegant buildings, resistant to time, use and weather.

The projects funded by the program are the following:

– Roof facade repair

– Repair and painting of exterior windows & doors frames

– Painting and maintenance of the building façade

– Repair of plaster, coatings and crowns

– Sanding, polishing and repair of marble surfaces

– Moving air conditioners

– Hiding air conditioners

– Moving satellite dishes

– Dismantling of illegal advertising and signs

– Replacement of individual antennas

– Planting trees

Apply now and enjoy a new home with the PROSOPSIS Program and MARMOLINE products.