External Thermal Insulation System: What to check | Marmoline


The necessary steps regarding the start-up of the external thermal insulation system are numerous and must be taken into consideration by the owners, engineers and applicators. One of the main ones is the substrate condition. The substrate should be checked for suitability and flatness for the application of materials in either new or older constructions.


If there are cracks in the concrete, they should be repaired immediately with cementitious repair mortar. Only then, our substrate will be ready and stable so that it is characterized by excellent adhesion and high elasticity.

Substrate preparation

The substrate must be dry and clean but also free of loose spots. In case of older constructions in which there are fragile parts, we must proceed with their dismantling and removal which will be restored with cementitious repair mortar. Also in the existing constructions we must take care to transfer the electrical and plumbing works to the level of the new final surface that will be created after the installation of the system.

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