How to Paint Balcony Railings.


The exterior of our house is important for the first impression. And some parts of it, we and our family visit for long periods during the year, such as our terrace or our balcony during the summer months. A bad condition of discoloration, damage and rust on the railings of the balcony, not only spoils our aesthetics but is also is a potential source of problems for the building and its safety.


The solution

The care and protection of metal surfaces, indoor and outdoor, can be achieved quickly, simply and easily with the products of MARMOLINE, RUST OFF and METALWOOD. See how:

Get the necessary materials and tools.

Get a brush, a small roller and a tray, sandpaper, scraper, thinner, wavy paper and start the preparation.

Preparation of the space.

Apply paper tape to the joints of the railings with the other surfaces (skirting board, plaster, marble). Lay corrugated paper, tarpaulin or nylon.

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