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The spaces of a residential or a professional space, such as offices but also spaces of cafes, restaurants and in general places of dining and entertainment need frequent but also modern renovation and decoration. Trends impose new textures and different styles.


This is a special, decorative stucco of styles. Such styles have been used for centuries in Italy. It consists of natural minerals, marble dust, slaked and aged lime and special additives that give it excellent adhesion and workability properties.

The final surface has a glossy and smooth texture, while if coated with the special wax varnish MARMOLINE VELVET WAX, it can be cleaned easily and often. It is painted on its base with the pigments MARMOLINE POWDER COLOR. The resulting masonry resembles marble in various shades to achieve the desired result.


  • Mix the material well before use.
  • To create the desired shades, add powder pigments MARMOLINE POWDER COLOR, taking special care for their complete dissolution in the paste. It is recommended to mix the pigment powder with a small amount of paste, in a separate container, until the powder is completely dispersed and the colour is homogenous.
  • To select the desired final shade, the product should be tested in a small area.
  • Use a stainless steel spatula with rounded edges for application.
  • Apply first coat and let dry for at least 8 hours. The same with the second layer. Apply the third coat by placing a small amount of product on the edge of the spatula and spreading with proper pressure with it, in order to achieve the glossy final result.
  • The final surface achieved has a glossy and smooth texture and breathes, while not being affected by fungi / mould. If it is additionally coated with the special wax varnish VELVET WAX, it becomes waterproof and can be washed.

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