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Plaster Restoration & How to Repair Masonry Cracks


Most of the buildings in Greece are made of reinforced concrete, a system in which the load-bearing structure of the building consists of slabs, beams and columns. Apart from the load-bearing structure, however, our masonry is usually made of brick.
After an earthquake there is a possibility of cracks in the buildings and specifically in one of the above structural elements.


The solution

Cracking as well as fractures of our masonry except of the building aesthetic, can also cause severe static problems as they can affect the pillars, beams or slabs. In this case, the advice and assessment of the situation by an experienced engineer is necessary to solve the problem.
The materials that will be used to repair the cracks should be easy to fill as well as shrink to a minimum after their application.

Application steps

Crack drilling & cleaning
Check the crack and drill to a depth of 15-20cm vertically until you find a solid substrate. Remove loose and dust. There are cases where our masonry has been damaged in depth (up to the bricks). For best results, broken bricks should be removed and replaced with new ones.

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