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Repair of Reinforced Concrete on Roofs & Plaster Restoration


On the roofs of the houses, any damage or non-uniform signs (swelling) in the plaster must be treated carefully, repairing the damage in depth, after we have previously found the cause of the problem.

The possible cause of the problem is the corrosion of the slab reinforcement resulting in the carbonation of its concrete. More simply, the rust created in the slab reinforcement weakened the consistency of the concrete that covered them, causing detachment and non-uniformity in the final surface.


The solution

The solution to this problem is to open the crack and repair it with suitable materials. Open the crack in depth with a special spatula. If the steel reinforcement is visible, we must apply an anti-corrosion primer, before proceeding to the repair and then to apply repair mortars which are suitable for such structural repairs.

Application steps

Crack drilling & cleaning

Check the crack and drill deep until a solid substrate is found. Remove loose and dust. When we find steel reinforcement, we proceed to the good cleaning of it from rust and other loose and harmful particles and to the subsequent application of the brushable primer M STEEL by MARMOLINE, completely covering the reinforcement. It is also used as a bonding layer between the old and the new mortar layer, which will follow.

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