F100IV PLUS | Marmoline Σιλό χωρητικότητας 18 ή 22 m³



This system includes the silo (with a capacity of 18 or 22 m³), on top of which is installed a special air compressor, and the m-tec D – 30 mixer or the m-tec duo-mix mixer and ejector.

The dry material, contained in the silo, is pushed from the air compressor through special conveying pipes to the portable machine, which is located in the work area of the crew, and mixes the material with water, producing a fluid mixture.

A key feature of this machine is the ability to transfer the dry mixture from the silo at long distances (50 – 100 m, depending on the material). The system installation and operation requires an area in the construction site which meets the conditions for the safe installation of the silo, and a three-phase current, as well as water supply for the operation of the portable machine


Delivery at the construction site includes:

  • Air compressor unit
  • Filters for the portable machine used.
  • Material conveying pipes.
  • Sensor cable for automatic flow switch-off.
  • Power cables.
  • Various tools.
  • All accessories of the portable machine (mixer or pump).


The pneumatic material conveyor system can be used to convey and mix the following types of ready mortars:

  • Masonry mortar.
  • Marble mortar.
  • Sprayed primer plaster.
  • Base-coat plaster.
  • Lightweight thermal insulation plaster.
  • Finish-coat marble sand plaster.
  • One-coat plasters.
  • Waterproof plasters.
  • Repair plasters.
  • Floor filling.


  • Quick work (ready fresh mortar at the press of a button).
  • Conveyance of material at long distances within the construction site.
  • System – portable machine options. Portable mixer for building mortars or marble fixing and portable pump for coating mortars.
  • Fully automated system operation: the silo constantly sends material to the portable machine and automatically stops the supply when the machine is full. When the material level in the machine drops below a certain point, this process is repeated, and so on.
  • Easy to handle and clean.
  • Clean construction site.
  • No material loss due to external factors (weather conditions, theft, etc.), since the material is safe inside the silo.
  • For the installation and operation of the system, it   is required to have at the construction site a  safe space, three-phase power supply and adequate water supply.
  • After the completion of works, the above tools must be returned clean and in good condition.

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