CHRYSO | CURE HPE | Συμπληρωματικά Υλικά Σκυροδετήσεων



CHRYSO®Cure HPE is a ready to use water-based curing agent for application on fresh concrete, mortars, and other cement based castings and on recently demoulded concrete. By forming a protective film, CHRYSO®Cure HPE prevents concrete and mortar from drying out too quickly. This enables a more complete hydration of the cement particles and limits early age cracking and drying shrinkage. Thus giving the treated surface of the concrete, after setting a better resistance to abrasion. A surface treated with CHRYSO®Cure HPE is initially white in order to easily identify the coated areas. After drying, the coating is transparent. CHRYSO®Cure HPE eases trowel finishing and improves the surface finish.


10 litre drums
20 litre drums
1,000 litre IBC





0.1 – 0.2 lt per m²

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  • Curing elements with an important surface/volume ratio:
    o Flooring, concrete slabs
    o Road, concrete highway
    o Precast walls
  • Curing concrete and mortars subject to important early age desiccation (high temperature, wind)
    o Every cement base element submitted to unacceptable desiccation
  • Trowel finishing and smoothing of pouring surfaces


Confidence and  technical support provided by  MARMOLINE,  in  cooperation  with CHRYSO® multinational group.

CHRYSO®Cure HPE is ready to use Applying CHRYSO®Cure HPE must be done preferably on fresh concrete to prevent the concrete from drying out too quickly. Spray CHRYSO®Cure HPE in a regular, smooth film, using 100 – 200 g/m² according to the roughness of the concrete. Spraying in two crossed passes will enable to avoid blanks.
To ease the trowel finishing and smoothing of the fresh concrete, spray one coat of CHRYSO®Cure HPE using 30 –
50g/m². After the finishing process, if the need be, spray another coat of CHRYSO®Cure HPE on. Spray equipment must be rinsed with water before the product dries.