Bituminous water-based emulsion, with aggregate ingredients. It dries quickly, it has strong adhesion capability and forms a protective membrane.


Plastic containers of 18kg


Brown - Black


Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Application Tools

Grass brush, paintbrush, roller or paint sprayer gun


About 0.5 kg/m² when used as primer, and about 0.6 kg/m² when used as a sealant, per layer, depending on the type and absorbency of the surface.

Download the relevant technical files:


It is used for the sealing of surfaces made of concrete, with or without reinforcement (fiberglass mesh) between the layers. Diluted, it can be used as a primer for the formation of a vapor barrier. Undiluted, it can also be used for adhesion of polystyrene insulation boards on terraces.


  • It dries quickly
  • It has great adhesiveness
  • Check surfaces to make sure that they are dry and free of dirt, oils, rust and rickety or foreign bodies.
  • Stir well before use.
  • Apply the material using a grass brush, a paintbrush, a roller or a paint sprayer gun.
  • For the priming (pre-coating) dilute with 50% water.
  • If you want a stronger, longer lasting protective membrane, apply another coating, diluted by 30% with water, once the previous coating has dried completely.
  • If you install a fiberglass mesh reinforcement between the layers, you can apply the BITUCOAT undiluted.
  • In order to protect the membrane of surfaces that are exposed to the sun, from ultraviolet radiation that causes aging, you are recommended to paint the surface with the bituminous varnish ALUPASTE, once the final layer has dried.
  • It is affected by petroleum products. Tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use, before the emulsion dries. Once it has dried, you need to use oil.