Thick, elastomeric, bituminous mastic, based on special polymerized materials, special reinforcing fibers, bitumen and solvents. It is cold-applied.


In metal containers of 5lt & 20lt




Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C


0.10-0.15 lt/meter, for a joint with dimensions of 1cm x 1cm

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It is used for the filling – sealing of joints, cracks, scores formed at the assembly points of concrete, wooden constructions and masonry. It is applied on thin openings of vertical joints, as well. It is also used for the adhesion of bituminous membranes the surface of which is covered by quartz sand, etc. Suitable for application on surfaces made of concrete, lightweight concrete, wood, rock, bricks, plasterboard. It is affected by petroleum products. It should not be applied on surfaces of products made of polystyrene (expanded or extruded), as it contains organic solvents.


  • Great adhesiveness
  • It dries quickly
  • It remains flexible at both low and high temperatures (-20° C to +80° C)
  • It is water, dilute acids and alkalines resistant
  • Check surfaces to make sure that they are dry and clean from dirt, oils, rust and rickety ingredients.
  • Apply using a spatula or a grease pump for the filling of joints.
  • Compress the material appropriately in the joints, ensuring that it is well-fitted. Fill joints up to their surface.
  • After 2-3 days, the filling of the joint surface may have lowered. Add bituminous mastic again and re-apply at least 5 cm, on right and left side along the joint.
  • In order to protect the bituminous mastic from ultraviolet solar radiation and quick aging, paint the surface that is exposed to the sun, using the bitumen aluminum varnish ALUPASTE.
  • Tools should be cleaned immediately after gasoline usage.