Marmoline Velvet Deco Superia It is a decorative micro-cement system that offers unique, final decorative surfaces with exceptional durability in time and use. It is characterized by high resistance to abrasion, scratching and stress. Its specific recommendation is the result of a laboratory study, in collaboration with the applicators themselves, in practice. Proper implementation of the system requires training, knowledge and experience, only from experienced and specialized applicators.

One of the most modern and unique decoration trends is the decoration with decorative micro-cement Mortar. With infinite possibilities of applications, on every surface, internally and externally, decorative micro-cement Mortar comes from the past and,clearly, will stay. From the wine presses and the cisterns of water, from the built furniture in the Greek islands, in every corner of the world, in every space and every building.

The advantages of


  • It is a system. Each product is designed to work perfectly in combination with the others and maximizes the benefits of the system.
  • Thanks to its optimized granulometric grading,forms a surface with a velvety texture.
  • It has high resistance to compression, bending and tension.
  • Thanks to the extremely fine material, it gives a top, fine and velvety aesthetic result, ideal for spaces and constructions of high demands.
  • It’s elasticity protects against cracks, a problem that has happened in many structures in the past.
  • Enables the application of varnish in a short period of time.
  • High level investion for the substrate ( MARMOLINE has experience and is an expert in know-how) to ensure a great finish.
  • It is MARMOLINE.

Application Steps of


Step 1:

Substrate preparation

  • The substrate must be properly prepared (dry, statically sufficient and free of dust, oils, loose materials, etc.).
  • When necessary (and always when it comes to outdoor application) the substrate must be sealed.
  • If the substrate has severe irregularities, it should be smoothed with the MARMOLINE FLOW SL 500 self-leveling floor.
  • On large surfaces (> 25 m²), it is necessary to provide for the creation of suitable expansion joints.
  • This should also be done when the substrate is made up of different materials (at their connection points).


Προετοιμασία υποστρώματος

Step 2:


  • Prior to the application of the decorative cement mortar MARMOLINE VELVET DECO SUPERIA, on any properly prepared substrate, priming with the quartz primer MARMOLINE PRO CONTACT is required.
  • The application of the 1 FLEX base of the pressed cement mortar is done after the primer dries (at least after 2 hours).
  • The indicative consumption of the primer is 200 – 300 gr / m².

ΑστάρωμαΑστάρωμα Αστάρωμα

Step 3:


  • The natural powder colors MARMOLINE POWDER COLOR are used for the coloring of the base materials (1 FLEX) and the final layer (3 FINISH).
  • The colour must first be dissolved by itself in the amount of pure water that will be used to mix the materials.
  • For the amount of pigment you will use, see the instructions for use of POWDER COLOR.
  • Mix the cement mortar gradually, with the amount of colored water, using a low speed drill, until you achieve a homogeneous thin mass without lumps and with the desired workability.
  • Base 1 FLEX does not need to be painted unless this is desired for the final color effect.

Χρωματισμός Χρωματισμός Χρωματισμός

Step 4:
  • Mixing water: FLEX: 6-7 kg / bag 25 kg /  FINISH: 8 kg / bag 20 kg.
  • In both cases, amount of water up to 30%, can be alternatively and at the user’s request replaced with 2 RESIN (for extra strength and greater elasticity)
Step 5:

Creating a base

  • On horizontal or vertical surfaces, use the  1 FLEX material using a 6 mm toothed spatula and a 160 gr / m² fiberglass mesh provided by MARMOLINE.
  • In case of a curved surface, the use of fiberglass mesh of 60 gr / m² is recommended.
  • The fiberglass mesh is spread on the fresh layer of the material and dipped in it with a smooth spatula.
  • Make sure that the strips of the mesh overlap by 10 cm.
  • It is necessary to press the material well so that no air remains trapped inside.

Δημιουργία βάσης Δημιουργία βάσης