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How to Seal & Repair Wall Cracks


Several times in the exterior wall we find thin, capillary cracks. Many times they are also found in the frames. These small imperceptible cracks often occur due to shrinkage and incorrect anchoring between the materials but are very simply treated with only two materials.


The solution

AQUATA PU 35 polyurethane-based joint sealant is suitable for bridging and sealing cracks as well as MARMOLINE SUPER PAINT, a high quality elastic paint that covers and at the same time successfully bridges small capillary cracks on the surface of the masonry, are the solutions to the problem. More specifically, SUPER PAINT is an acrylic, fiber reinforced paint suitable for exterior masonry, external thermal insulation systems, concrete, vertical surfaces. Its composition creates an elastic membrane, which bridges capillary cracks, easily and quickly forming a continuous, uniform, without imperfections surface.
Thanks to its special composition, with a high percentage of polymer components, it provides protection against pollutants and environmental aging.


  • Water repellent (lotus effect)
  • High elasticity
  • Mild odour
  • Excellent durability & colour stability
  • Bridging capillary cracks
  • Resistant to environmental aging
  • Prevents the collection of pollutants

How to apply

We clean the area to be repaired with the help of a hard brush, we remove very loose materials, dusts, etc.
Then, proceed to drill the crack to a width of about 4mm with a spatula. We continue cleaning our substrate again from dust and other materials. Then we apply the polyurethane-based joint sealant AQUATA PU 35, which is ideal for such applications. More specifically, it is an elastomeric joint sealant, a component, based on polyurethane, in the form of thixotropic paste. After its contact with the atmospheric air, it turns into an elastic and cohesive mass. Available in white and grey. Then with our finger we flatten the surface of the sealant, while it is still fresh. When will dry, for non-painted surfaces, apply the water primer MST 11 of MARMOLINE, diluted up to 30% with water. Wait about 2 hours for the primer to dry. In case of application of the material on fresh substrates (plaster or cement) it must be completely cured and dried for at least 30 days before painting. Stir the SUPER PAINT before use. Apply the first coat and re-paint after 2 hours. The required paint consumption is about 10 m2 / lt per coat, depending on the substrate.


  • Application is not recommended when intense weather phenomena of heat, humidity, rain, air are observed (to avoid the adhesion of dust to the fresh paint)
  • The application of the insulating paint SUPER PAINT, like all paints, must be carried out in a temperature range from 5 ° C to 35 ° C.

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