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Moisture in the basement: causes & solutions


Many times we observe intense humidity and black signs of moisture in basements or lofts, resulting a suffocating atmosphere and harmful effects on objects e.g that we usually store in a basement. This moisture can be followed with cracked plaster and peeling paint on the walls.

The causes of moisture in basements can vary. Some of the most common causes of are:

  • The stagnant water as a result from rain or the garden watering can cause appearance of moisture on the walls of the basement.
  • The water table itself, which is the humidity of the subsoil that rises in the building.
  • Creation of water vapor condensation due to the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature. In this case, good ventilation of the space is the only solution.


If our problem is not the proper ventilation of the room, then we must proceed to the search for other causes of humidity. In case of leakage in the plumbing of the house, there is a need to dismantle the floor eg, repair the problem, and then repair the concrete with the appropriate repair concrete from the range of MARMOLINE (FLUIDCRETE R4, THIXOCRETE R4 or BS 18). In any case, the basement should be sealed with the waterproofing cement mortar AQUATA 240. It is an industrial cement mortar, based on Portland cement, with aggregate from Dionysus marble and special additives to its composition. completely waterproof basement, preventing the appearance of blackness and mold. It is applied preventively or reparatively and can be used in combination with MARMOLINE MP 20 resin, to meet the requirements of high flexibility and waterproofing.

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