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Moisture & Mould Growth in the Sanitary Ware Joints


We often find the well-known and unsightly mould and moisture around the joints in sanitary ware. The damage of the sealing  joints in these points results in the appearance of annoying black spots.


In most cases the problem is found in the wear/ damage of the joint seal. A product resistant to moisture and mould offers ideal sealing and prevents the reappearance of annoying signs of moisture. The silicone with resistance to mould and moisture, HI SIL by MARMOLNE stands out thanks to its high quality and high adhesive strength. With a neutral odour, high adhesion and flexibility, they are an ideal repair for joint failures in sanitary ware. After curing, MARMOLNE HI SIL silicone is not affected by water and moisture.

How to apply

HI SIL silicone, with mould resistance, is used for sealing joints in bathtubs, sinks, aluminium, glass, etc. It is easy to apply and has a high resistance to temperatures from -50 ° C to + 160 ° C.

The surface to be applied must be dry and clean.

Permanent elastic sealants should only come into contact with the two opposite sides of the joint so that they can expand and contract properly. If the material also comes in contact with the bottom of the joint, then its elasticity is limited and the adhesion to the side surfaces can be lost.

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