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Sealing of roof with standing water


Many terraces in Greece have insufficient drainage resulting in standing water in many places. A series of problems are created through standing water on a terrace with the most important, the appearance of moisture and mold on the roof above. This is one of the first problems for a bad indoor microclimate and the highest energy consumption for space heating.


To face the problem of terraces with standing water, easily and effectively, use the hybrid brushed white elastomeric slurry AQUATA SEAL 200 HYBRID. One component, acrylic based, polymer-modified that faces the problem of terraces with standing water. At the same time, it is an ideal solution for maintaining a low temperature on the terrace surface due to its high reflectivity resulting in cooler spaces under the roof and significantly lower costs for cooling and heating.


  • Reliable sealing solution for terraces, rooms, balconies, parapets, gutters, plasterboard, etc.
  • Possibility of renewal older coatings of sealing surface or similar elastomeric slurries, after proper surface preparation.


  • White material ready to use.
  • Strong adhesion to various surfaces.
  • No application surface smoothness is required.
  • Creation of a single waterproof and elastic membrane without joints.
  • Allows the substrate to breathe because it is water vapor permeable.
  • High resistance to extreme heat and cold temperatures
  • Resistant to the sun and reflects sunlight.


Once we have removed the loose parts from the surface, we prime with the acrylic primer MST 22, all the surfaces on which the materials will be applied. When the surface will dry, apply, with a roller, in two layers, crosswise, the acrylic sealing emulsion AQUATA SEAL 200 HYBRID. The first coat is applied with a roller or brush diluted with 20-30% water. If there are gaps and cracks larger than 1 mm, they must first be repaired with a suitable Marmoline repair mortar. If necessary, the crack can be locally reinforced with 10 cm wide fiberglass mesh (apply AQUATA SEAL 200 HYBRID along the crack and then apply the fiberglass mesh while it is still wet). If there are many cracks all over the surface, reinforce everywhere. Then apply a layer of material along the entire length of the reinforcement. In the same way continue the application on the rest of the surface.


Apply the first layer of material, and after it dries (in about 24 hours) apply the second. The second layer should be applied crosswise, after the first one has dried and is walkable. The application of the material should be avoided when there is a forecast for rain for the next day after the application.

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