FK 202
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FK 202


High performance, fiber-reinforced, polymer modified, cement- based insulation boards adhesive & coating. Ideal for the adhesion of expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) as well as mineral wool (MW) boards on surfaces of concrete, plaster or brick masonry. Reinforced with suitable fiberglass mesh, is used for the coating of thermal insulation boards, on external and internal surfaces of buildings.


Bags of 25 kg


White powder


Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Application Tools

Spatula, automatic pump


4 – 4,5 kg of dry mortar per m², when used as a fiberglass mesh reinforced plaster on polystyrene or mineral wool. 4 – 7 kg of dry mortar per m², depending on the nature of the substrate, when used as insulation boards adhesive

Specific Weight of Fresh Mortar

1600 kg/m³

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Use it for coating of thermal insulation boards made of expanded or extruded polystyrene or mineral wool, in combination with appropriate MARMOLINE fibreglass mesh, on exterior and interior surfaces of buildings, before applying decorative plasters /renders. You can also use it as adhesive of thermal insulation boards, on surfaces such as concrete, bricks, plaster, cement blocks, aerated concrete, stone, etc., on exterior and interior surfaces of buildings. It is part of the certified MARMOLINE MONOSIS external thermal insulation system – ETICS.


  • Excellent adhesion to the surfaces of thermal insulation boards
  • High mechanical strengths
  • Flexibility
  • Durability over time
  • High resistance to changes in temperature between heat and cold
  • Easy to apply (simply add water)
  • Check and prepare the application surface. Make sure that it is clean, without dust, loose material etc.
  • Mix the content of a 25 kg bag, with about 6 lt of water, using a low-rev electric mixer until a homogeneous, lump-free mixture is obtained.
  • Leave the mixture to set for five to ten minutes and stir again.
  • When used as an adhesive, apply the FK 202 all over the surface of the insulation board to a thickness of 2 – 3 mm, using an automatic pump or by hand with a spatula or around the surface of the insulation board and at 2-3 points in the middle, provided that the adhesive covers 40% of the insulation board surface.
  • Attach the boards starting from the bottom of the masonry crossways without gaps.
  • When used as a fiberglass reinforced plaster, apply the mix all over the surface of the insulation board to a thickness of 2 – 3 mm, using an automatic pump, or by hand with a spatula. Then, attach the appropriate MARMOLINE fibreglass mesh to the prepared surface and press with a spatula or trowel until fully covered by the plaster. The strips of the mesh should overlap by 10 cm approx.
  • Finally, smooth the surface, while simultaneously removing excess mortar. If needed, apply a second layer of the plaster, before the first one dries.
  • You can use the mixture within 2-4 hours, depending on the ambient temperature and the time period.
  • Mixing water: About 6 kg (lt) of water /bag of 25 kg.