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Οrganic, fiber-reinforced, ready to use adhesive & coating for thermal insulation boards. Ideal for the adhesion of expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) as well as mineral wool (MW) boards on surfaces of concrete, plaster or brick masonry. Features high elasticity and great resistance to moisture. Reinforced with suitable fiberglass mesh, is used for the coating of thermal insulation boards, on external and internal surfaces of buildings.


15 kg




Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Application Tools

Notched spatula


Approx. 3 kg/m², when used as a fiberglass mesh reinforced plaster on polystyrene or mineral wool 2 – 4 kg/m², depending on the nature of the substrate, and the trowel’s notch size, when used as an insulation boards’ adhesive.

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It is used for the coating of insulation boards of expanded (EPS) or extruded polystyrene (XPS), or mineral wool (MW), in combination with an appropriate fiberglass mesh.
It can also be used for bonding of insulation boards on the outer surfaces of buildings.

IT is part of the certified system MARMOLINE MONOSIS  ETICS


  • Strong adhesion on the substrate and the insulation materials
  • High mechanical strength
  • Flexibility
  • Resistance in temperature fluctuations
  • Easy to use

As reinforced coating for insulation boards:

  • The insulation boards on which the coating will be applied, should have been placed in a brick work way, and levelled. Any gaps between the boards, should be filled with expanded polyurethane foam.
  • Stir the product gently.
  • Apply the paste with a notched trowel in a layer 2 – 3 mm thick.
  • Place a suitable fiberglass mesh in the layer, and using a smooth trowel dip the mesh in the coating. The mesh strips should overlap each other by 10 cm approx.
  • At the end smooth the surface, while removing any excess material.

As insulation boards adhesive:

  • Check that the substrate is clean of loose material, dust, etc.
  • For adhesion on newly plastered surfaces, the application should be done at least 2 weeks after plastering.
  • For very absorbent surfaces, it is recommended to prime them with MARMOLINE MST 11 or PRO CONTACT.
  • On smooth surfaces, apply the paste across the surface of the insulation board using a notched trowel.
  • On uneven surfaces, apply the paste on the board perimeter and then selectively on its center, so that the paste covers at least 40% of the board’s surface.
  • The placement of the insulation boards should start from the bottom of the wall, and then going upwards, crosswise and without leaving gaps.


  • The drying time depends on the environmental temperature and humidity. Under normal conditions, the surface may be covered with a decorative plaster after 48 hours, at least.
  • Not recommended for use in extreme weather conditions (frost or heat wave). Application temperature: +5ºC to +35ºC.