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LM 400


LM 400 is a ready white thick bed mortar, based on high-strength Portland white cement (I – 52.5), white marble aggregates and special additives to improve adhesion of marble and granite tiles and boards to difficult surfaces.


Bags of 25 kg

Big -bags of 1000 kg

In bulk in a silo with a capacity of 12 – 18 – 22 m³




Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Application Tools

Notched trowel (size according to the type of tile and the substrate)


Approx. 15 – 16 kg per m², per 1 cm thick coat of fresh mortar

Open Application Time

30-40 min

Download the relevant technical files:


A reliable solution for strong adhesions of marble and granite boards to floors, when a thick layer of mortar is needed. LM 400 Plus is especially suitable for white or light colored marbles, which are sensitive to stains coming from the substrate. It can be also used for other natural stones such as granite, sandstone, limestone, travertine, etc, or artificial stone tiles and boards. Add MARMOLINE MP 20 resin for further adhesion strength and more flexibility.


  • Unique product for marble fixing
  • High strength
  • Water and frost resistant
  • Easy to apply – simply add water
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Its formula, based on white cement, protects the colour of marbles
  • Check and prepare the application surface.
  • Mix by means of a cement mixer or a special mixing machine, until a homogeneous, lump-free mixture is obtained.
  • MARMOLINE LM 400 is applied in the same way as with traditional materials.
  • For stones with adhesiveness problems, it is recommended to apply first on their surface the KM 100 adhesive.
  • It is recommended to add MARMOLINE MP 20 resin to a ratio of 50% in the mixing water of the fresh mortar, as well as to wash thoroughly the marbles, granites or other stone boards before fixing them on clean MARMOLINE cement screed (GB 30 – GTL 30 – FLOW 200 – FLOW SL 500).
  • The boards must be fixed within 10 minutes and before the fresh mortar skins-over.
  • Pay special attention when fixing white marbles, to avoid any stains coming from dirty mixing water, or wood, oils, coffee, cigarette.
  • butts, etc on the substrate.
  • On outside stairs and in courtyards, avoid the use of bricks behind or under marbles, because over time and due to humidity, the colour of the brick may pass through the marble.
  • Mixing ratio: 3.1 – 3.8 lt of water /bag of 25 kg.
  • Application temperature +5°C to +35°C.