R4 2
1504-6 ce eng



High strength, one-component, highly fluid, shrinkage compensated cementitious mortar suitable for structural repairs and anchorages. Suitable also for repairs of structural elements of concrete(beams, columns)using formworks. For application thicknesses of 10 – 50 mm. Classified as PCC type R4 according to EN 1504-3 standard.


25 kg bags




Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Application Tools

Chisel or high pressure water blasting


Approx. 20 kg of powder product per m² per 10mm layer thickness



3,5 – 4,2 ltr / 25kg

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It is suitable for:

  • Repairs of structural elements of concrete ( beams, columns) using formworks
  • Concrete jackets with dense reinforcement
  • Precision grouting of machinery and steel columns
  • Horizontal anchoring of steel reinforcing bars


  • High strength (R4 class)
  • It contains pure quartz aggregates
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Impermeable
  • No bleeding or segregation
  • High flow (EN 13395-2) for full compaction even in areas with congested steelwork

Concrete repair:

  • The concrete substrate must be completely clean and structurally sound.
  • The edges of the surface to be repaired should be cut vertically to a depth of at least 10 mm. The cavity of the surface to be repaired should be at least 10 mm thick.
  • Remove deteriorated concrete or mortar by hand or mechanical methods (chisel or high pressure water blasting) ensuring also the appropriate surface roughness.
  • Reinforcement should be cleaned from rust and any other loose and deleterious materials or add new bars if the existing are no longer appropriate.
  • Before applying FLUIDCRETE the substrate should be saturated with water.
  • Remove excess water, if any.
  • In a clean bucket, initially pour the minimum amount of water indicated, start the mixer and add FLUIDCRETE continuously. Mix (in low speed) until a homogeneous, without lumps, mixture is achieved.
  • Then leave the mixture to settle for 2 – 3 min and if necessary add water (according to the amount indicated), until the required consistency is achieved and mix for a further 2 to 3 minutes.
  • FLUIDCRETE is casted in situ continuously, placing it inside the formwork from one side only to allow air to escape.
  • Hand mixing of the product is not recommended.

Precision grouting:

  • Before placing the machine, remove defective concrete ensuring also the appropriate roughness of the concrete surface.
  • Clean all in contact, with the mortar surfaces, from oil, grease, dust or any foreign material.
  • Ensure that air-relief holes have been made on the bedplate and place the equipment.
  • After machine is set and aligned and before applying FLUIDCRETE, saturate the concrete surface with water and remove excess water if any.
  • Mix the mortar (as specified above) and cast in situ continuously, placing it inside the formwork from one side only to allow air to escape.


  • After application all free surfaces of the mortar should be properly cured for at least 2 days. During the summer period with wet burlaps, spraying water or curing agents and during winter period should be protected from low temperatures with plastic sheets.
  • The above application guidelines are indicative, for the correct use of the product. For more technical details please contact the company’s technical department.
  • For thickness application> 50mm also contact the technical department of NORDIA SA.
  • Mixing ratio: 3.5 – 4.2 lt of water per bag of 25 kg