Thixocrete | Marmoline | Επισκευαστικά Υλικά Σκυροδέματος
R4 2



Thixotropic, high-strength, fiber-reinforced, polymer-modified cementitious repair mortar with compensated shrinkage. Ideal for high-strength repairs on concrete elements. Application thickness repairs of 10-40mm. Classified as PCC R4 mortar according to EN 1504-3 standard.


25 kg bags

5 kg plastic bags




Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Application Tools

Chisel or high pressure water blasting


Approx. 20 kg of powder product per m² per 10mm layer thickness



3,5 – 4,2 lt / 25kg

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It is suitable for:repairs of damaged structural elements of concrete (beams,columns) concrete cavities due to poor casting and weak vibration repairs of concrete precast elements.


  • High strength (R4 class)
  • It contains pure quartz aggregates
  • Shrinkage compensating
  • Impermeable
  • Formulation rich in cement allows easy placing and finishing
  • Sprayable
  • The concrete substrate must be completely clean, free of dust, grease etc and structurally checked.
  • The cavity of the surface to be repaired should be at least 10 mm thick.
  • The edges where concrete is removed, should be cut at an angle of 90° and to a thickness of at least 10mm.
  • Remove deteriorated concrete or mortar by hand or mechanical methods (chisel or high pressure water blasting) ensuring also the appropriate surface roughness.
  • Reinforcement should be cleaned from rust and any other loose and deleterious materials or add new bars if the existing are no longer appropriate.
  • Before applying THIXOCRETE the substrate should be saturated with water.
  • Remove excess water.
  • In a clean bucket, initially pour the minimum amount of water indicated and add THIXOCRETE continuously. Mix (in low speed) until a homogeneous, without lumps, mixture is achieved.
  • The material is applied by troweling to the desired thickness.

  • Hand mixing of the product is not recommended.
  • The final levelling /smoothing of the surface, may only begin once the mortar has started to set.
  • After application, the mortar should be properly cured for at least 2 days. During the summer period with wet burlaps, spraying water or curing agents and during winter period should be protected from low temperatures with plastic sheets.
  • Mixing ratio: 3.5 – 4.2 lt of water per bag of 25 kg.