Repacrete R3 | Marmoline Επισκευαστικό υλικό σκυροδέματος



REPACRETE is a fiber-reinforced polymer modified, thixotropic, non-shrinking cement mortar enriched with quartz aggregates, with excellent adhesion to concrete. It does not contain corrosive components and is suitable for medium thickness structural repairs, in exterior or interior spaces. Is classified as R3 type concrete repair mortar, according to EN 1504-3 standard.


25kg bag




Application Temperature

+5°C to  +35°C

Application Tools

Application with a trowel or by hand


About 20 kg/m2 /cm layer thickness.


With a low speed electric mixer-drill. Add the  package content while stirring to the necessary  quantity of water, in a suitable mixing container. Mix well for at least 3 minutes to obtain a homogeneous mass of mortar without lumps.

Water Demand

3.25 – 3.75lt of water per 25kg bag, depending on the desired workability

Download the relevant technical files:


  • Repair and restoration of worn and disorganized concrete elements on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Ideal for repairing failures on concrete surfaces (nests, pores, small imperfections in corners and edges).
  • Restoration of damages resulting from bad defects, damage, etc.
  • Covering restored reinforcing bars (in cases of oxidized and corroded reinforcement, cleaning and anti-corrosion coating with MSTEEL 44 should be previously done).



  • Strong adhesion to the substrate
  • Fiber-reinforced
  • Non-shrinking
  • High resistances
  • Excellent workability
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Provides abrasion resistance
  • The substrate must be firm, compact, dry and free from dust, loosely attached particles and all kinds of dirt.
  • Before applying REPACRETE, wet the substrate without excess water.
  • The material can be applied with a trowel or by hand to the desired thickness and up to 2 cm in each layer.
  • For larger application thicknesses, recommended to use the material in overlapping layers when the previous layer has started to set.
  • The tools are cleaned with hot water and soap
  • Avoid applying the product when there is a forecast for frost/ rain/ heat in the next 24 hours from its application.
  • Avoid applying on substrates exposed directly to strong solar radiation.
  • Do not add water above the recommended dosage.