Aerial shot of marmoline factory

March 29, 2022

Building Materials Awards 2022. Great distinction with three awards for Nordia

On Monday, March 21, 2022, the Building Materials Awards 2022 took place at Radisson Blu Park, in order to reward companies that consistently invest in research and development of building materials. Companies with useful and innovative materials aiming at high quality buildings and applications.

Building Materials Awards honored Nordia with three unique awards for its companies.

  • Gold Award for the innovative tinting system SVR COOL FAÇADE of Marmoline, in the category “Building Materials and Thermal Insulation Elements”. MARMOLINE has developed the integrated External Thermal Insulation System MARMOLINE MONOSIS, a system adapted to the prevailing environmental conditions in Greece. The MARMOLINE MONOSIS system is the ideal solution for exceptional thermal comfort, both for new and existing constructions. In addition to its certification according to ETAG 004: 2013 (use as EAD); the MARMOLINE MONOSIS system offers additional benefits during its application, in combination with the use of the finished SVR coatings with SVR Cool Façade technology. SVR Cool Façade is an innovative tinting system that combines inorganic pigments of unique color stability with a special formulation, resulting in coatings of higher reflectivity than conventional ones. Therefore, building owners benefit from higher energy savings, long-term durability and limited maintenance costs of the whole system.
Building Materials Awards 2022 - chryso
  • NORDIA Chryso won the Gold Award in the category “Concrete Additives (Superplasticizers)” with the innovative technology CHRYSO QUAD – The solution for sands with “peculiarities”. The emphasis on innovation is the hallmark of Chryso products, which always win the impressions of any kind of technical requirement. The increasing demand for aggregates, the reduction in the number of quarries and the depletion of natural aggregate deposits have reduced the availability of suitable aggregates worldwide. All of the above triggered CHRYSO’s research into the development of tailor made QUAD superplasticizers in parallel with the QUAD Lab diagnostic / software tool of sand. The innovative technology CHRYSO QUAD enables the use of sands “with peculiarities” but also recycled aggregates and thus allows an environmentally friendly approach to the design of concrete. CHRYSO QUAD improves the use of local resources, optimizes procurement costs and reduces CO2 emissions.
Building Materials Awards  2022 - Nordia Marble
  • Silver award for natural, Polaris White marble by Nordia Marble in the category “Natural and Artificial Stones”. With unique features and properties, such as its excellent metallic composition, its high physical and mechanical strength and its excellent light or intense dark diagonal veins, make Polaris White suitable for any interior or exterior application. Although the quarry has been operating for many years, the growing demand for the material from the international market has led Nordia Marble to increase production. Nowadays, Nordia Marble exports the production of Polaris Marble at a rate of more than 50% to countries of Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.