Marmoline Ανάδοχος Αποκατάστασης

April 8, 2022

Implementation of anti-erosion and flood control works over an area of 2,000,000 m² in Tatoi by Marmoline

At Marmoline, as a purely Greek manufacturer of advanced building materials, we understand our role in society and believe it is our duty to offer practical assistance to our country and promote the cause of sustainable development with respect towards nature, the environment, and mankind.


In August 2021, when we witnessed catastrophic fires razing our country, we at Marmoline felt an enormous duty: it was imperative that we do something.

On August 6, while fires were still blazing in Attica, we made a commitment to revisit the issue with an action plan aimed at refining and restoring the mountain area.

We took early and immediate action in August, being the first to respond to the invitation of the State and declare our intention to undertake part of the works necessary for the protection of the local environment.

During discussions with State representatives, we came to understand the massive importance of anti-erosion and flood control works. Therefore, we decided to begin our work by assisting the mountain in its effort to regenerate naturally.


We felt a great pride, as well as a huge responsibility, when we were appointed by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy as a “Restoration Contractor” on November 22.

Natural regeneration is a process that starts immediately after a fire. Millions of mature seeds fall on the ground, find the appropriate humidity, and germinate into an immeasurable number of small seedlings. Since seeds and seedlings are found on the surface of the soil, there is always the risk that heavy rain will sweep them away and interrupt the forest’s natural regeneration.

There is also the risk that debris will block brooks and streams, and this might result in flooding.


This is where Marmoline’s anti-erosion and flood control works come into play to protect the process of natural regeneration.

Within three months, from December 2021 to February 2022, we dispatched expert logging crews, who originated from North Greece – more specifically, the prefecture of Drama – who worked painstakingly in the areas of Varibobi, Tatoi, and the forest stretching from Kryoneri to Vasilika.

(caption: 71,000m of log bundles)


The construction works involved:

  • 71,000m of branch grids and log bundles following the slope of the soil, which is the most likely path of the water as it descends.
  • 50 m2 of log dams in locations of greater water concentration, namely brooks and streams.

In practice, these works, which are constructed with natural materials, such as upright logs, branches, stones and earth, hold the soil and debris in their position. The expert loggers used only trees that were suitable for this task, given that trees that hold even a little vegetation are likely to recover.


Ms. Ioanna Verdi, Head of the Directorate of Reforestation of Attica at the Ministry of Environment made the following statement about the importance of this project:

“…Our first concern after the fires is to protect the soil. We protect the soil so that we may provide the fallen seeds with the opportunity to grow new plants. This is how we achieve the natural regeneration of the forest – and this is how the local flora and fauna, and gradually, the balance of the ecosystem, are restored.

Marmoline’s contribution to this effort has truly been very important. We should emphasize the fact that Marmoline was the first company to respond to the invitation of the State. It is an action of solidarity that helps everyone: the environment, nature, and wider society, because the quality of our life depends on the environment. We want the local flora and fauna, and gradually, the balance of the ecosystem, to be restored by natural means”.


Project Report

3 months

30 persons

71,000m log bundles

50 m2 log dams

Total area of 2,000,000 m2

400,000 €

1 company: Marmoline

The undertaking and completion of the restoration works in the area of Varibobi perfectly reflects our corporate philosophy about respecting and assisting nature to rebuild what was lost.

In Marmoline’s view, the forest restoration actions we implemented are more than a means to assist the national restoration effort. They are also an important gesture of responsibility – despite the fact that it is disproportionate to our capacities – which we gladly undertook because it proves our devotion to serving society, and we will continue to do what we know best, in any way we can: to build what is worthwhile building.

At the same time, this also enables us to make a further promise: We will continue with reforestation actions, to restore the mountains of Greece to how they were in the past.

Watch the video below to see the progress of Marmoline’s flood control and anti-erosion works.