Aerial shot of marmoline factory

November 19, 2020

ISO 27001 certification – Information security is of primary importance

Marmoline holds the certification of the information management system for security according to the standard EN ISO 27001: 2013, which is one of the internationally accepted standards of information management. ISO 27001 meets the requirements of GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) regarding the security of personal data.

The implementation of this standard is an ideal measure of protection against any risk to personal data security, the general correct use, management, processing and storage of information and of company and stakeholders data.

ISO 27001 certification requires a systematic and continuous management of corporate data but also of any personal data that enrichcompany’s database. A complete and continuous proper management of this data is a cornerstone for ISO 27001 certification.

However, the real need covered by this certification for Marmoline, is the security of company, its partners and its involved parties data, as for the security of the information and the avoidance of any risk. The certification for the quality management system according to the standard EN ISO 27001: 2013 for Marmoline was documented and certified through the procedures of the certification company TUV AUSTRIA.