Aerial shot of marmoline factory

September 21, 2020

SVR COOL FAÇADE – New Innovative Coloring System. Excellent durability and high reflectivity even in dark shades

The technological progress nowadays demands from the buildings to provide to those who live in them the so-called thermal comfort, which is more and more considered in some way an acquisition of the modern way of life. On the other hand, the intense current ecological concern and sensitivity, made the buildings subject of careful study for their energy behavior and consumption. A consumption of natural energy resources that can not be reckless because these resources are irreplaceable and expensive. Exterior thermal insulation systems have prevailed today as a way of thermal insulation of the shell of modern and older buildings while at the same time providing a wide range of architectural configuration options for buildings.

Marmoline’s Research and Development, following the modern structural and building requirements, introduced a new and innovative coloring system of the paste plaster,SVR, called SVR COOL FAÇADE. It is a system of specialized high quality pigments, specially designed to ensure high reflectivity in the infrared region of the spectrum of solar radiation (700 -2500nm) even in dark shades. Thanks to the significantly lower energy absorbed by the external coating of the external thermal insulation system, the thermal expansions are significantly reduced and a significant increase in the life of the Exterior Thermal Insulation System Marmoline Monosis is ensured. The first benefit of choosing this particular SVR plaster exterior coloring system is the significantly lower energy absorbed by the exterior coating of the exterior thermal insulation system and consequently by the exterior thermal insulation system as a whole. Therefore, the option of SVR COOL FAÇADE with increased IR radiation reflection performance, the even better performance of the external thermal insulation system is achieved. The SVR plaster application painted by the new SVR COOL FAÇADE special color scheme adds to the value of the external thermal insulation application with the colored pasty plaster SVR as it contributes to further energy savings. This results in the reduction of cooling and heating bills as the least possible heat escape from the inside of the building to the environment during the winter and the least possible absorption of solar radiation during the summer is required.