October 13, 2021

Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos

One of the most important building achievements of the last decades in Greece is the Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos. Marmoline had the pleasure of participating with a range of building materials in the construction of the airport, delivering materials that responded to the increased mechanical strength needs of the building facilities.

The construction was assigned to the companies GEK SA and Hochtief, in collaboration with Alfa Beton SA, Kostoulas Recycling, Aktor and a number of other subcontractors.
Within 51 months – a really short period for such a project and with a 5 months earlier delivery than the schedule, the construction of Athens International Airport was completed.
Among the construction materials companies that participated in the construction of this project, was the company Marmoline, which contributed with its know-how and high quality building materials to the delivery of this exceptional project. Floor fillings, tile adhesives and plasters were some of the products involved in the construction of the project.

Some of the products that stood out in this project were the one layer plaster, MONO SV 100 by MARMOLINE. The ready-made industrial mortar based on Portland white cement of high strength (I – 52.5) ​​fine-grained aggregate from white Dionysus marble, lime, and special additives to improve adhesion can be mixed only with water and thus reduces to a minimum the preparation time of the material and so as the application speed of the material increases.

MONO SV 100 plaster is used as a one-layer plaster on exterior and interior surfaces after the high strength sprayed plaster (SV 1). It replaces mud and marble by combining both in one layer. MONO SV 100 is as the first coat plaster and sanded like marble plaster. Due to the fine grain size of the Dionysus marble content (< 1,2 mm) it gives a white and smooth final surface ready for sanding and painting. In special cases, the product could be enhanced by adding MARMOLINE MP 20 resin.