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Non-flammable, colored polymer-modified, acrylic paste render. Suitable for final coating in external thermal insulation systems (ETICS), in properly prepared old and new building surfaces. It offers high elasticity, water repellency and has excellent adhesion to surfaces of concrete, render, cement boards, plasterboard.


25 kg


White or in various shades through the Marmoline coloring system


Application Temperature

  • +5°C to +35°C
  • Relative humidity less than 75%

Application Tools



2.0 -2.3 kg/m² paste

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Used as a final coating of the certified external thermal insulation system (ETICS) MARMOLINE MONOSIS, or other external thermal insulation systems. In combination with the adhesives/renders FK 201 Value, FK 202 Value and THERMO WHITE. Also used on old or new buildings’ surfaces, properly prepared. Ideal for use on surfaces of fairface oncrete, finish-coat plasters, old painted surfaces, cement boards, plasterboards. Due to its high flexibility, it covers any mistakes on masonry surfaces (capillary cracks) of old buildings and prevents their reappearance.


  • Does not contain cement
  • Elasticity
  • No cracking
  • High strength
  • Excellent adhesion to any surface
  • Breathable
  • Decorative & Water repellent
  • Moisture and frost-proof
  • Easy to apply (ready to use)
  • Incomparable quality of raw materials
  • Indoor and outdoor use

The substrate should be stable, solid, dry and free of dust, loose particles and all kinds of contaminants.

Apply the render by using a smooth stainless steel trowel. Check and prepare the application surface. Stir the material well before use. Stirring should be done in slow circular motions.

  • Apply one layer of MARMOLINE MST 11 or MST 10C primer, before applying SVR SUPER.
  • Apply SVR SUPER at least 7- 10 days after having applied the FK 202 VALUE or THERMOWHITE adhesive-coat, according to the instructions of the MARMOLINE MONOSIS ETICS systems.
  • Stir well the SVR SUPER dispersion plaster to homogenize the mix.
  • Apply uniformly all over the surface, using a proper trowel and, at the same time, lay the mixture so that the coating gets the size of the render’s grain.
  • Then, when the coating has just begun to set, use a plastic trowel to float the surface, according to the desired result.

The tools can be cleaned with hot soapy water.