Velvet Deco Premia Fine | Marmoline Λευκή, ακρυλική διακοσμητική επίστρωση - Πατητή Τσιμεντοκονία

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5 kg-15kg


Pasty White


Application Temperature

+5°C / +35°C

Application Tools




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VELVET DECO PREMIA FINE is suitable for application on the following types of substrates:

  • Concrete and cement mortars
  •  Mosaic and existing old tiles (using a suitable primer)
  • Cement boards, plasterboards (using a suitable primer)

Suitable for application on horizontal and vertical surfaces in the following areas:

  • Living areas (kitchens, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, built-in furniture)
  •  Warehouses & handling areas
  • Office spaces
  • Commercial buildings
  • Surfaces with underfloor heating system


  • Particularly extra smooth finish
  •  High flexibility
  •  Used for the aesthetic renovation of interior or exterior surfaces, walls and floors
  • Ready to use
  • Very good workability
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti- cracking properties
  • Strong adhesion to the substrate
  • High compressive, flexural and abrasion resistance


  • The substrate should be properly prepared (thoroughly dry, sufficiently stable and free of dust, grease, loose materials etc.).
  • If the substrate is rough and not sufficiently flat, it should be smoothed/ smoothed by using MARMOLINE FLOW SL 500 self-levelling floor screed.

Application of the base coat:

  • Prime the substrate using MARMOLINE PRO CONTACT quartz adhesion primer. Apply VELVET DECO FLEX base coat mortar as a filling and levelling base coating (once the primer has dried, at least 2 hours after the application). Primer consumption: 200 – 300 gr/m2.
  • VELVET DECO FLEX is gradually added to water under continuous stirring, until a suitable mixture is formed. Applied using a 10 mm notched trowel, while the 160 gr/m2 fiberglass mesh is placed and embedded. (For curved surfaces, is suggested to use fiberglass mesh weighing 58 gr/m2.) Make sure that the fiberglass mesh strips cover each other by 10 cm. 
  • The same application process can be followed in case VELVET DECO FINE is used as a coating over the VELVET DECO FLEX base coat.
  • For particularly flat substrates, the acrylic decorative coating VELVET DECO COARSE can be used as a base coat, with the use of fiberglass mesh weighing of 58 gr/m2 .
  • Apply VELVET DECO PREMIA COARSE mortar with a 6mm notched trowel (when the mortar is still fresh) to fully cover the fiberglass mesh.

Application of the finishing coat:

  • After the application of the base coat, VELVET DECO PREMIA FINE is used as finishing coat. VELVET DECO PREMIA FINE is applied with a smooth, stainless-steel trowel, in one or two layers.
  • After 24-48 hours, providing the surface should be thoroughly dry (using a suitable moisturemeter check that moisture is less than 5%, or else problems may occur in application), the protective varnish should be applied.
  • Check the substrate is clean. Apply either MARMOLINE VELVET LIQUID PU 1k polyurethane varnish or MARMOLINE VELVET AQUA PU, 2k water-based, polyurethane varnish, which is suitable for indoor applications.
  • The varnishes applied using roller, brush or via spraying. It is recommended to apply two coats, crosswise, observing the waiting time between them (~ 24 hours) with a consumption of 100- 120 g/m2 per coat.