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Indoor Air Comfort

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MARMOLINE VELVET DECO SUPERIA is a system of ready‐to‐use polymer modified mortars, based on high‐strength white cement. It contains specially selected aggregates and special additives to achieve resistance to abrasion.
The system consists of the following materials:
1 FLEX: Mortar for base layer
2 RESIN: Dispersion
3 FINISH: Mortar for finishing layer

With Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort certification that ensures that VELVET DECO FLEX & FINISH comply with the strictest European regulations on VOC emissions.


1 FLEX: Bags of 25 kg &  bags of 5 kg

2 RESIN: Plastic containers of 5 kg & plastic bottles of 1 kg

3 FINISH: Bags of 20 kg & bags of 5  kg


In hundreds of shades with the POWDER COLOR color system


Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Application Tools



1 FLEX: Approx. 1.25 kg /m² per mm of layer (total thickness up to 3 mm, using a 6 mm notched trowel)

3 FINISH: Approx. 0.6 kg /m² per layer, on grain-size thickness


1 FLEX: 6-7 kg of water/ bag of 25 kg
3 FINISH: 8 kg of water / bag of 20 kg
In both cases, up to 30% of water can be replaced with dispersion (2 RESIN) to give the product extra strength and flexibility.

Download the relevant technical files:


MARMOLINE VELVET DECO SUPERIA  is used for the aesthetic renovation of interior or exterior surfaces, walls and floors. Suitable to use on smooth concrete surfaces and old surfaces made of old tiles, old mosaics, old coats of marbles, with the appropriate preparation depending on the substrate, combined with the MARMOLINE PRO CONTACT quartz primer. Multiple applications – in fact endless applications in theory – are possible, depending on the aesthetic standards of the architect and the decorator. It can be applied in stores and residences indoors and outdoors, in bathrooms, kitchens, showers, on staircases, built-in beds, etc.


  • Ready to use
  • Stable quality
  • Very good workability
  • Perfect aesthetic result
  • Particularly smooth final surface
  • Strong adhesion to the substrate
  • High compressive, flexural and abrasion resistance
  • It does not crack
  • It has INDOOR AIR COMFORT GOLD certification that ensures that 1 FLEX & 3 FINISH complie with the strictest European regulations regarding VOC emissions and is suitable for the internationally recognized certification systems of Green Buildings (LEED, BREEAM etc) which:
    • Focus on recycled materials use in the final composition and products packaging with solvent-free raw materials.
    • Improve indoor air quality with very low volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • The substrate should be properly prepared (thoroughly dry, sufficiently stable and free of dust, grease, loose materials etc.).
  • When necessary (and always if it is to be applied outdoors), the system’s application should be preceded by proper waterproofing /sealing of the substrate.
  • If the substrate is rough and not sufficiently flat, it should be smoothed by using MARMOLINE FLOW SL 500 self-levelling floor screed.
  • When the substrate area is large (>25m²), it is necessary to provide for suitable expansion joints. Also when the substrate consists of different materials (proper joints should be provided at the connection points).
  • Before applying the base coat of MARMOLINE VELVET DECO SUPERIA in any well-prepared substrate, it is necessary to prime the substrate using MARMOLINE PRO CONTACT quartz adhesion primer. Apply the 1 FLEX base coat mortar once the primer has dried (after at least 2 hours). Primer consumption: 200 – 300 gr/m².
  • For the colouring of the base mortar (1 FLEX) and finishing layer mortar (3 FINISH) use the MARMOLINE POWDER COLOUR natural pigments. The pigments should first be dissolved into the amount of pure water which is to be used for mixing with the dry mortars.
  • For the proper amount of pigment consult POWDER COLOUR instructions for use. Mix the dry mortar powder gradually, with the necessary quantity of coloured water, using a low speed mixer, to attain a homogeneous mass without lumps and with the desirable workability. The base coat mortar (1 FLEX) does not need to be coloured unless it is necessary for the final color effect.
  • Creation of base layer: On horizontal or vertical surfaces apply the first layer with the material 1 FLEX, using a 6 mm notched trowel, while incorporating the 160 gr/m² fiberglass mesh offered by MARMOLINE. For curved surfaces it is suggested to use fiberglass mesh weighing 60 gr/m². The fiberglass mesh should be laid on the applied mixture when this is still fresh, and then immersed therein with a smooth trowel. Make sure that the fiberglass mesh strips cover each other by 10 cm. Good pressing of the applied mixture is necessary so that no air remains entrapped.
  • The material 3 FINISH is used as second layer, in grain size thickness, to fully cover the fiberglass mesh, after applying the 1 FLEX.
  • Between two layers, it is recommended to apply MARMOLINE MST 22 primer. Apply the primer when the surface has hardened, and after having rubbed it with a fine sandpaper and then wiped it.
  • For the formation of the final surface the 3 FINISH material should be applied in one or two more layers, in grain size thickness.
  • On each layer, when this is still fresh, pressing of the material should be applied. Pressing of the final layer produces the “shadow effects” that characterize this kind of decorative surface.
  • After the final surface has hardened and depending on the desired final effect, it can be rubbed with fine sandpaper for smoothing.
  • Before applying a protective varnish, the surface should be thoroughly dry. Using a suitable moisture-meter check that moisture is less than 5%, or else problems may occur in application. After the surface has thoroughly dried, dry clean it with a vacuum cleaner, to remove any dirt and apply either MARMOLINE VELVET LIQUID S, or MARMOLINE VELVET LIQUID P.U. varnish, according to your choice.
  • Before applying VELVET LIQUID S varnish, it is necessary to apply the transparent water based primer MARMOLINE VELVET PRIMER.
  • Before applying VELVET LIQUID P.U. it is recommended to apply the transparent silicone sealant MARMOLINE MS 33. Attention: The application of P.U. varnish darkens the final shade of the surface. By applying MS 33 this phenomenon is reduced significantly. In any case it is suggested to experiment in a small area and evaluate the results before applying across the whole surface.


  • The content of the bags should be protected from humidity.
  • It is not recommended to use the products in extreme weather conditions (frost or heatwave). Application temperature +5⁰C to +35⁰C.
  • The above application guidelines are indicative, for the correct use of the product. For more technical details please contact the company’s technical department.