R CSII Marmoline

SV 103


Ready, white mortar of single layer repair plaster, based on Portland white cement, calcium hydroxide, aggregates of selected granulometry and special additives to ensure strong adhesion to the substrate and high mechanical strength.


Bags of 25 kg




Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Application Tools



Approx. 12 – 14 kg of mortar per m² for a layer with 1 cm thickness

Specific Weight of Fresh Mortar

1630 kg/m³

Water Demand

5,0 – 5,5 lt/ 25 kg

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Use it to repair and restore worn parts of plaster, in old and new structures, on exterior and interior surfaces of buildings. For repair and restoration works on parts of plaster. Ideal for the repair of corners, and as restoration coating in cases of removal of the traditional marble sand plaster, when affected by frost.
Due to its special composition, it is an indispensable tool for both professionals (house painters – electricians – aluminium technicians – plumbers) and consumers.


  • Single layer plaster
  • High mechanical strength
  • Strong adhesion to the substrate, e.g. concrete, bricks, DOW panels, plastic or metal pipes, etc.
  • Excellent adhesion and cooperation with the old plaster
  • It reinforces the masonry around the application area
  • Easy to apply even by non-professionals
  • Increased durability
  • Resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • Flexibility
  • Check and prepare the application surface. Using hard brush and water, thoroughly clean the loose particles, dust etc.
  • If the cleaning of the old plaster reaches such a depth that the brick or concrete surface is exposed, then the primer plaster MARMOLINE SV1 must be applied before applying the repair plaster SV 103. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary, repaired. For better adhesion of the primer plaster SV1, MARMOLINE MP 20 acrylic dispersion may be added to the mixing water in a ratio of 1:3 (MP20: water).
  • Mix SV 103 by hand or in a cement mixer, with the appropriate quantity of water.
  • Saturate the surface with water.
  • Apply by hand or using a trowel, in one coat up to 2.0 cm thick.
  • Use the MARMOLINE fibreglass mesh for the joints of different structural elements, on the insulation panels and anywhere else needed.
  • For difficult repairs and to further improve adhesion and flexibility properties, it is recommended to add to the mixing water the acrylic dispersion.
  • MARMOLINE MP 20 in a ratio of 1:3 (MP20: water).
  • Once applied, it delivers a surface ready for puttying and painting.
  • Mixing ratio: 5 – 5.5 lt of water /bag of 25 kg.
  • Application temperature +5°C to +35°C.