Gn 30

GN 30


Single component ready mortar, based on Portland grey cement, aggregates of various grain-sizes, various chemical additives and fibres. It does not contain lime.


Bags of 30 kg

Big bags of 1000 kg

In bulk in a silo with capacity 12 – 18 – 22 m³


Grey powder


Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Application Tools

Sprayed concrete pump (Gunite pump) or other special pump


Approx 20 kg of dry mortar per m² for 1 cm of thickness



3,5-4 lt water for a bag 30 kg

Specific Weight of Fresh Mortar

2200 kg/m³

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Use in cases where brickwork needs significant reinforcement (e.g. old brick- and stone-walls, etc.). In cases of dislocated masonry combined with metal mesh. Also use as high-strength mortar in structures with 3D grating, before applying the plaster, as well as on substrates of bricks, cement blocks, aerated concrete (e.g. YTONG), concrete, stone, etc.


  • High strength
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Moisture- and frost-proof
  • Prevents cracking
  • Excellent final surface
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent workability
  • Fast to prepare
  • Stable quality
  • Check and prepare the application surface.
  • Make sure that the surface is clean and free of loose material.
  • To prepare, simply add water.
  • For better results, it is recommended to use a sprayed concrete pump (Gunite pump) or other special pump.
  • Apply in successive coats up to 2 – 2.5 cm thick per coat.
  • The wet mortar must be distributed uniformly over the wall and must be fixed with special laths.
  • In case of high temperatures during application, the wet mortar must be protected against quick drying and remain wet.
  • The wet incident material that piles up on the floor must not be used again.
  • Continue with the subsequent coats of MARMOLINE plaster (SV 2, SV 3, SV 100, SV 010), once the previous coat of GN 30 is well dry and in any case after 20 – 30 days, depending on the season.
  • Application temperature +5°C to +35°C.
  • Mixing water: 3.5 – 4 lt of water /bag of 30 kg.